We invite you to play during our “Early Bird” tee times from 7:00 a.m. where our Green Fee will allow you to start your day playing golf before going to work, going to the beach or the rest of the activities that you can enjoy in the surroundings of Lo Romero Golf, in addition, being able to enjoy our course at this time of the morning will allow you to appreciate all the nature of our environment at a unique time of the day, with our facilities recently prepared for golf practice and with the day waking up for you to enjoy your best golf experience.

For more information and to reserve this opportunity, we invite you to check our tee times.

At Lo Romero Golf we develop strategies to take care of the environment, always maintaining sustainability and quality standards, where both the treatment of water, grass or the environment are taken care of down to the smallest details, since we respect the native biodiversity and take care of it so that you and future generations enjoy a natural setting rich in plant and animal species.

Golf is a sport that, due to the size of the field and the amount of grass it has, requires us to become aware of saving water resources, so with the use of recycled water in our facilities, we give residual water a second chance, by watering our lawn exclusively with water from urban recycling. In this way we can reduce the impact on the ecosystem, as well as serve as a place for many animal species. In our facilities we give wastewater a second chance, by watering our lawn exclusively with wastewater from urban recycling.

At Lo Romero Golf we work to offer you the best golf experience and in the summer season, practicing it first thing in the morning helps to reconcile summer life with the different professional and leisure options that can be found in our area.

Do not hesitate, live your best golf experience at Lo Romero Golf.

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