¡Tu mejor experiencia de Golf!

¡Tu mejor experiencia de golf!

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Lo Romero is the golf course where you will find yourself as a player. ‘The golf island’ of the Spanish Levante, as it has been called since its inauguration. And it is precisely on the 18th green, practically surrounded by water, where the player has an even greater feeling of depending only on himself, to face the last putt. The feeling of living your personal adventure in a silent, aromatic and beautiful space, isolated from the rest of the world. A sensation that begins from the moment you step on the 1st tee.

For this reason, Lo Romero Golf is a perfect place to live intensely with the passion for golf. The perfect gaming island for any player.

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From the comfort of your home, you can now view our golf course in real time. At the distance of a click, get to know the Lo Romero field.

360 View

With an amazing perspective, enjoy a true 360 ​​degree view of our golf course.

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Has developed a project within the aid program Impulso a la competitividad de las empresas y el marketing de producto turístico de la Comunitat Valenciana, which has had the collaboration of Turisme de la Comunitat Valenciana



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