Your best golf experience! Come to know the golf island.

A par 72 course to enjoy along its almost six kilometers, with the sole company of the murmur produced by the shaking branches of the Mediterranean pines and the gnawing of the squirrels installed on them.

From the 18 hole of the course you will be able to contemplate an extensive blue line of horizon drawn by the sea. And the fact is that the strategic location of Lo Romero, which is based on an old farm of pear and apple trees, meets all the requirements: an enviable location, first-class maintenance, a well-cared landscape environment and a design that allows the field to obtain a good card, as long as the player gives his best.

Lo Romero is a par 72 with:

6.237 m


6.061 m


5.635 m


5.260 m




Tour card:

Lo Romero is a par 72 distributed in 4 par 5s, 10 par 4s and 4 par 3s. With a distance of 6,061 meters from yellow and 5,260 meters from red.

A course that begins its journey with a comfortable and frank par 4 that opens the player’s mind and that closes with another par 4, par 18, which challenges the golfer’s card.

Along the way, you will find water hazard in thirteen holes and 56 strategically placed bunkers. Its pleasant orography and its friendly distances from ‘green’ to ‘tee’ allow the player to enjoy a beautiful walk, even on foot.

The longest hole is hole 10 (506 meters/yellow) and the shortest is hole 5 (168 meters/yellow).

Calculate your handicap here:



Par 4 / Hcp 8

El hoyo corto y recto con tees de salida elevados que ayudan a tomar confianza…

HOYO 2. Par 5 / Hcp 2

Desafiante golpe de salida que exige la precisión.

HOYO 3. Par 4 / Hcp 6

Larga distancia con su tee de salida protegido por los pinos y obstáculos.

HOYO 4. Par 4 / Hcp 18

Hoyo con gran oportunidad de birdie para los jugadores de pegada.

HOYO 5. Par 3 / Hcp 10

Primer par 3 del campo, elija bien los palos para alcanzar el hoyo.

HOYO 6. Par 5 / Hcp 14

Sencillo par 3 para disfrutar. El gran piano del green que inclina a buenos resultados.

HOYO 7. Par 3 / Hcp 12

Sencillo par 3 donde rascarle resultado al campo…

HOYO 8. Par 4 / Hcp 4

Green protegido por tres búnkeres frontales, se exige precisión en el golpe.

HOYO 9. Par 4 / Hcp 16

Fácil, amplio y recto, este hoyo le permite buscar el birdie.

HOYO 10. Par 5 / Hcp 5

El hoyo más largo del recorrido. Cuidado con las amplias caídas de bolas.

HOYO 11. Par 4 / Hcp 17

Su momento de recuperación. El golpe de salida define su dificultad.

HOYO 12. Par 3 / Hcp 7

La dificultad está en su distancia. El jugador de poca pegada sufrirá con el viento.

HOYO 13. Par 4 / Hcp 11

Su toma de decisiones será puesta a prueba en este hoyo.

HOYO 14. Par 4 / Hcp 15

Deberá marcar la diferencia con un buen golpe de salida.

HOYO 15. Par 3 / Hcp 13

Elija bien su palo y disfrute del último par 3 del recorrido.

HOYO 16. Par 4 / Hcp 3

La preciosa vista del Mediterráneo lo acompañará en este par 4 recto.

HOYO 17. Par 5 / Hcp 9

Hoyo de gran dificultad con un primer golpe ligeramente a ciegas.

HOYO 18. Par 4 / Hcp 1

“La Isla” es un reto mental que recordará siempre.


Par 4 / Hcp 8

Hole 1 is a short and straight starting hole, which helps the player to gain confidence with the course. The elevated tee boxes also allow a clear view of the fairway, all obstacles and the green itself. The downhill fairway allows for a long ball roll. A good start.


Par 5 / Hcp 2

The second hole requires a precise and strategic tee shot, since the location of the ball for the second shot is key to successfully saving the frontal lake that protects a wide but elongated green, with a piano. Think!.


Par 4 / Hcp 6

The biggest difficulty of this hole is its distance. A par 4 with a dog-leg from left to right, whose tee is protected by pine trees and a fairway flanked by bunkers and water.


Par 4 / Hcp 18

It is considered the easiest hole of the course, if in golf there is something easy. It may be the opportunity for long hitters to birdie the hole. For players with less punch: watch out for the bunker on the right of the fairway. Wide fairway, slightly raised ‘green’ with direct access from the front. Be aware of the wind, it plays a big role on this hole.


Par 3 / Hcp 10​

It is the first par 3 that is going to be found on the course. It has a green with clear and well-defined slopes that will not put you in trouble. Choose your club well to reach the hole, otherwise the two bunkers on the green will put you in trouble.


Par 5 / Hcp 14​

Hole with a slight dog-leg from right to left and downhill, which will take you along a very wide fairway. Access to the green is comfortable. The greatest difficulty of the hole resides in the tee shot. Be careful with the lakes on the right for those long distance players who want to opt for a birdie.


Par 3 / Hcp 12

Simple par 3 where you scratch the course, since the green has no frontal obstacles to reach it. The location of the flag makes the difference, since the green has a great piano that can tilt the result towards a birdie or towards a par.


Par 4 / Hcp 4​

Medium difficulty hole. Its high tees allow the player to see the wide fairway and the green. Demanding shot to the green, because it is protected by three frontal bunkers that make it necessary to reach it from the air.


Par 4 / Hcp 16​

Easy, wide and straight hole, where the player can get a good result. Look here for the birdie.

HOLE 10.

Par 5 / Hcp 5

In the 10th hole you will face the longest hole of the course. Even so, you will find great ball falls in it. Hit to the left flank on your tee shot. Your next shots are not difficult until you reach a long and fairly flat green. Watch out. The distance between the bunker and the green is greater than can be seen with the naked eye.

HOLE 11.

Par 4 / Hcp 17​

Recovery hole. A beautiful hundred-year-old pine will be your reference at the tee shot. Depending on its power, it will ensure that the ball can be in the lower part of the beginning of the fairway or, in the upper part. This situation will make the difference between a blind shot or an easy approach shot to the green.

HOLE 12.

Par 3 / Hcp 7​

The difficulty of 12 lies in the distance, which forces the player to fly over the lake that is on the line of play. The player with little punch and against the wind must lean on the right. If you have time, take a few seconds to delight yourself with the pine forest that you saw in this hole.

HOLE 13.

Par 4 / Hcp 11​

A hole that invites you to think. The hitting player will look for the ball collation between the bunkers, while a player with less distance must choose to leave the ball before the sand obstacles, and then look for an approach shot in front of the hazard that places him in a good position to enter the raised green and well protected by pine trees.

HOLE 14.

Par 4 / Hcp 15​

The tee shot makes the difference in this hole. Players with punch can opt for birdie, successfully flying over the hazard that crosses the fairway. Both the tee and the green are elevated.

HOLE 15.

Par 3 / Hcp 13​

Last par 3 of the course of great scenic beauty. Choose your club well. A bad low blow will penalize you by entangling your ball in the scrub that covers this hole. The large green has several slopes.

HOLE 16.

Par 4 / Hcp 3

From hole 16 you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Mediterranean and La Manga del Mar Menor (Murcia). It is a long, straight downhill par 4 with a green that is easy to read and has no obstacles.

HOLE 17.

Par 5 / Hcp 9

Difficult hole with a slight dog-leg from right to left. Reference the bunker at the start of the fairway or the palm trees in the background for your first shot (which you will do slightly blind). It is advisable to lean on the left. Players with a punch will have a birdie option if they make two good first shots, since the green is not difficult.

HOLE 18.

Par 4 / Hcp 1

The most remembered hole on the course because its green is practically surrounded by water. From the tee the player contemplates the entire hole; its bunkers on both sides and the lake where the green is located. Hitting the flag is a challenge, especially mental, for any player. Clearing this last hurdle can allow you to close a good card or…