Preview: 2024 Solidarity Tournament ‘Residencia Lola del Pasico

Playing for 30 or 50 euros?
It’s not a bargain, it’s a great bargain!

Lo Romero Golf gives one more year to the organization of the ‘Torneo
2024 Solidarity Tournament ‘Residencia Lola del Pasico’ its course to
to celebrate a new edition on the 1st of June

Pedro Jiménez, the alma mater of the charity tournament that annually raises
funds for the construction of the Lola del Pasico
Residencia Lola del Pasico, is very clear about it. “Playing on the
18 holes at Lo Romero on the first of June, with the option of prizes
(tickets to the LIV Golf 2024), refreshments, a meal served by the renowned
restaurant ‘Rincón de Joaquín’, opt for the raffle of prizes that we are preparing
that we are preparing, and even win a Christmas lottery ticket and a green fee from the collaborating courses, for 30 or 50 euros.
It’s not a bargain, it’s a great bargain!
At his vital 90 years of age, Jiménez never ceases to commit himself to others.
for others.

For years, he has been committed to making the residence a reality for the people of the region.
for people in the region with physical and mental limitations, and for those who are
and mental limitations, and for whom the existence of this facility will be an enormous improvement in their quality of life.
enormous improvement in their quality of life.
The long and hard work of Jiménez and a whole team of collaborators,
the Rotary Club of Torre Pacheco and the association Prometeo, gathered together in the “Fundación
the “Fundación Dar de Si” led to the concession of the land by the Torre Pacheco Town Hall
the Torre Pacheco Town Hall and the European grants -together with the the commitment of patrons and sponsors, so that the foundations and the elevation of the building could be of the building would be a reality in 2023. In 2024 it is time to continue work to pay off the debts acquired, buy the equipment and get the facility up and running, among equipment and put the facility into operation, among other obligations.

And this is where golf and the Alicante facility of Lo Romero Golf come into play again.
Romero Golf, which every year lends its course and the work of all its team for this good cause.
team, for this good cause. “All of us who make up the great Lo Romero Golf family are very pleased to be able to contribute to such a laudable social commitment as it is to add up in favour of the needs of other the needs of other less fortunate people. It is in the DNA of our corporate social responsibility to commit ourselves in this way”, says Victoriano Jiménez
in this way”, says Victoriano Jiménez, the owner of the facility.

30 or 50 euros
Although the official presentation of the poster announcing the competition will not be
the end of March, a first preview of the data has already been made to the members of the
members of the Amigos de la Solidaridad Association – who are supporting the competition with
Solidarity Association -who support the competition with their selfless work-,
and which was carried out at the residence, in order to become aware of all the progress of the
progress of the last few months. Everything is going fast. So all the support
counts for a lot. Among these supports, getting players for the
the event. The green fee for the game (with prizes, refreshments and lunch)
is 150 euros, which is accompanied by a tax deduction certificate of 80% of this
of 80% of this contribution to the event.
This means that the player actually plays for 30 euros in this tournament, because the deduction applicable to the participant’s income tax declaration “turns this

The deduction on the participant’s income tax return “makes this day a bargain”, reiterates Pedro Jiménez.
“And we are not talking about a contribution of 250 euros, which also includes a lottery ticket.
250 euros, which also includes a Christmas lottery ticket and an outing to another collaborating camp the bargain becomes a bargain! Who offers something like this in a golf competition and also adds in a golf competition and in addition it adds up for the benefit of others,

concludes Jiménez, who still believes in the conscience of each individual.

All the information about the charity event will be available on the
LO ROMERO website (

The competition
The competition will be played in ‘stableford’ mode with prizes for the champion
scratch, first and second category winners. There will be
special prizes for the closest ball and the longest drive.

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